IMG_6216RHM Board Members

Jerry Skinner is founder and president of RHM. He is an attorney specializing in commercial aircraft litigation, and served on the board of Trustees of Equipping Ministries, International. He has been married since 1974, and has three children.

Steve Jones is a co-founding member of RHM. He has been employed by Duke Energy in Cincinnati, Ohio since 1975. He has been married since 1979, has three daughters and five grandchildren. He has made multiple trips to Romania, and each time returns with the drive to leave a legacy for them to know Jesus personally and have the hope only He provides.

Tom Pappas became a board member in 2005. He is a Certified Public Accountant working as the Chief Financial Officer of a privately owned company in Cincinnati, Ohio. He has been married since 1980, has two children and two grandchildren. The desire of his heart is to share hope of God by meeting practical needs.

Lysa Witt became a board member in 2008, and is an accounting associate with Sheakley Uniservice. She has been married since 1991, and has two children. She developed such a love for Romanian people on her first mission trip that she committed herself to learning the language enough to not only communicate well, but also to provide some translating help on future trips.

Sandy Howard became a RHM board member in 2013 after traveling with the ministry for more than a decade. She is a retired Children’s Ministry Director, substitute teacher, and librarian. She has been married since 1966, has four children and sixteen grandchildren. She appreciates the ministry’s value of children, but is also committed to helping parents grasp the Gospel and their need for a personal relationship with Jesus Christ.

Grant Swartzentruber became a board member in 2009. He is a licensed attorney in Ohio and Indiana, and practices law in Washington, Indiana. He has been married since 2006, and has three children. As a teenager, he joined the mission team in 2000 and developed the desire to share God’s blessings with those he saw to fit Jesus’ description as “the least of these.”

Rachel Slade became a board member in 2014 after traveling during the summer for four years. She is a graduate of Hanover College and is presently employed as an Admissions Counselor and Administrative Aid on the Admissions Department Staff at Hanover College, in Indiana.